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The First Six Months

Who would have thought that a pandemic would give us the impetus we needed to set up the business we'd dreamed about? And we are so happy that we did.

While we've all had to adjust to a very different life to the one we had at the start of the year, our family has been granted a great opportunity and we're happy, busy, and enjoying work for the first time in quite a long while.

Michael is now working four full days for some really lovely clients, while Luis and Abby have learnt how to build patios and paths, along with developing their gardening skills. Ryan is proving to be a brilliant 2nd man when Michael needs a helping hand.

I have learnt the art of invoicing, accounting, website development and setting up appointments and am thoroughly enjoying talking to prospective and current customers and making sure that everything is organised and running smoothly.

Warmest thanks to all our new clients - we look forward to creating beautiful gardens with you all.


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